Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leaf Time Fun

When we came in we washed off and got ready for nap. I was starting the washer and came upstairs to find Cooper already asleep in the chair. Playing outside is hard work for a little guy!
He had so much fun.
Where's Baylor?
Ready to go!
The funny thing is whenever he is going to jump inside or outside he says cannon ball!
He is getting so big!
He was having leaf races down the slide to see which leaves moved the fastest.
Digging in the dirt.
Pop and Coop.
Opening his prize.
He loved the box.
Baylor and Pop.

This morning Baylor and I went to church and Daddy and Coop stayed home. Cooper is still getting his back molars and had a runny nose so we wanted to keep him home. Baylor and I went to breakfast with Mimi and Pop. Afterwards Pop and Mimi came over because Baylor wanted to show Pop his tree and he knew Pop had a special surprise for him. Ever since we were little my Dad always bought us special ornaments when we put up our tree. He got the boys cute little nutcracker boxes with four nutcracker ornaments for their trees. They were so excited! Pop is so thoughtful and always puts so much time and effort into his gift giving and buying. Mimi helped me work in Parker's room and we got it pretty much put together. The original plan was to have Miss Rita paint in the room but she has been sick for several weeks and is still not feeling well. We were able to get some things for the room and it looks great. I am so happy to have it done. After working inside we went outside to enjoy another beautiful November day. Daddy worked in the leaves for a long time and the boys and I played. We raked big piles by the swing set and they kept going down the slide right into the piles. They had a great time. Our days of playing out in nice weather are dwindling and soon we will be inside and yearning to be out playing in the yard!

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