Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Day

This morning Baylor went to preschool and Cooper and I ran errands. When we picked up Baylor we went to get Mimi and then headed to the mall. We needed to get a few things for Uncle Joe and to do some Christmas shopping. Mimi needed a few last minute things for the dinner too. While we were at the mall we noticed all the Christmas decorations were up. The boys were so excited. We saw Santa's chair and that he arrives at the mall on Saturday. I took a picture of the boys sitting in Santa's chair. They can't wait to see him. The funny part was a mall cop came up to us afterwards to tell us we were not allowed to take pictures in the mall and that it was a breech of security. He said it is posted and that no pictures can be taken in the mall anywhere. I had never heard this and take pictures at the mall quite alot. Baylor was worried we were going to go to jail. Tonight we had a special visitor that we were so excited to see. Megan is in town for an interview tomorrow and she spent the evening at our house. The boys were so excited to see her! We miss her and love spending time with her.

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