Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Painting

He was a big mess and headed to the shower after painting.
He was working on a manger scene for Mama.
He worked very hard and was proud. He kept saying, "ook bubby".
At the beginning when we were all neat and clean.
So thankful I laid the trash bags out on the table!

We started our Christmas crafting for the year today. Every year Baylor works on handmade presents and crafts to give family and friends at Christmas. He is always so proud and works so hard. After making the items he works hard to wrap them all. He really puts so much time and effort into his projects and is so proud. I love looking at the ornaments and items he has made over the years. What precious priceless items to have and cherish. Cooper got into the action this year too. Let's just say he did a little body painting along with his snowman but I think it turned out cute. We still have lots to do and make so this is only the first of many crafting sessions before Christmas.

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