Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Santa Visit of the Season

They were so excited!
Look at his smile. He was giddy!
He was asking Santa about the North Pole and told him he is still working on his list.
Cooper was saying "HO HO HO".
Working on Frosty.
What a big boy.
Getting Frosty ready to go home to our house.

After seeing the decorations at the mall last week the boys were so excited to visit Santa. They knew we were going today and could not wait. They have decals on the floor leading the way to Santa and Baylor was running and skipping. He even wrapped a present he made for Santa before we left home and gave it to Santa. Cooper ran up to him and sat right in his lap as soon as he got out of the stroller. Of course we were the only ones there and they were able to spend lots of time with Santa. I wish I could bottle up Baylor's excitement and love of Christmas. He is really at the perfect age and is so into everything about the holidays. He was asking Santa lots of questions and telling him about Winter Elfie his Elf on the Shelf. When Baylor gave Santa his present it was the sweetest thing. He was so excited and couldn't wait for Santa to open it. Santa was so nice to the boys and said he would take the ornaments to the North Pole for his tree. I may be a little more emotional right now but I had tears in my eyes watching Baylor. After our visit we went to Build a Bear to get the Frosty stuffed animal. We had lots of coupons and gift cards still so we didn't have to pay anything. They wanted to see Santa again before we left. I know we will be visiting him so many times during this season. How fun to experience the joy and magic of Christmas through your children's eyes.

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Jenny said...

This is so sweet! Ah-goo (our Elf on the shelf... Yes, Kyle named him :D) has arrived for the holiday season as well. I am so looking forward to this year with my sweet baby. The love and excitement they share is amazing!!!