Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Potter's Paint Shop

Getting started.
I love being able to spend time with just him.
Aren't they cute?
Baylor edged his way into this picture.
This cereal bowl is for someone who loves to eat cereal!
We are sad this store is closing, it is so fun for the kids.
(I think Parker is looking quite big!)
They wanted to have a kids side of the table and an adult side.

At the Harvest for the Hungry dinner I won the pottery basket full of Christmas items that Baylor could paint for gifts. We have been wanting to go with Maddy for awhile and thought the kids would have fun together. When I called to find the hours of the store I learned they are closing, how sad! Luckily we were able to paint today and have the items fired before they close this weekend. We were there for two hours and Baylor and Maddy had so much fun! Baylor painted a tree, mouse, two ornaments, two polar bears, a plate, and bowl. He gave Maddy the snowman and another ornament that came in the auction basket and then Maddy made a plate and bowl too. Baylor really did a great job and has some cute presents for people. He wanted to make them all for Daddy and Mimi. I told him we need to have gifts for others too. After painting we went to CiCi's pizza with Maddy and her mom. The pottery basket came with four free dinners from there so we all ate for free. What a great deal. We had a great time and it was special to spend some time with our older kids. They really do have fun together and are so cute!

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