Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baylor's First Horseback Riding Lessons

Getting ready.
Mimi was nervous about his riding but I made sure they wore helmets when I set up the lessons.
Just starting out.
He really liked the horse.
Working on putting his foot in the stirrups.
All done with some great helmet hair!

Baylor has wanted to ride a horse forever. He wants to be a cowboy along with a farmer, pilot, and builder when he grows up. He loves wearing his boots and always wants to know when he can have a real rope to use like a cowboy. At the Harvest dinner I tried to win him lessons but was outbid. However I found the name of the farm that gives lessons and is really close to our house. Tom took him this morning and he was so excited. He was a little nervous at first because he wanted to make sure Tom stayed nearby. Once he got there he did great and loved every minute. The lesson was even longer than an hour and he wasn't ready to get off the horse at the end. He is going to go back next Saturday. I must say he looks pretty cute on a horse!

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d_freestone said...

Baylor is pretty brave!!! I have not been on a horse, yet!!!

Jessie, you still look great! Parker is one lucky guy to have a mom like you!