Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Day at Home

His nutcracker turned out great. The markers were a little frustrating for his perfectionist nature though. He wants it to be perfect and the marker smears at times.
Loving the glitter glue!!!!
A time when they were both quiet and we were listening to Josh Groban's Christmas CD. We switched between Josh Groban, Amy Grant, and David Phelps. All great Christmas choices!!
He really likes to paint.
Can you tell his teeth look a little green.
Our finished projects for the day.
Can you tell which brother made which?
Getting ready to ride the Polar Express.
He is so cute and lovable.
I really needed a day at home today. I can tell I am moving slower and am feeling more tired. Bending over to pick up toys and do the laundry may be the end of me before December 22. After a few busy days it was nice to have the whole day and the boys were thrilled to wear feet jammies all day long. They did change into new ones this morning and brush their teeth and hair to get ready for the day! The boys and I were busy working on Christmas presents and crafts again today. I think we had three different crafting sessions. Baylor could really work all day long but Cooper needs some time to play in between. Cooper is a big fan of glitter glue though but only if he can do it all by himself. His favorite saying during crafts is ,"my do it". He wants to be just like his brother. We also painted again today and Baylor finished his second manger scene, only one more to go. They both needed a shower again after painting but we were nice and clean for nap time. After nap we watching the Polar Express before Daddy got home. We are going on the Polar Express train ride tomorrow night so we wanted to watch the movie again before going. I love the Polar Express, how fun would it be to really ride the train with your golden ticket! Tonight Mr. Eli stopped by with his Mommy and Daddy. What a great surprise. The boys were happy to see Eli and even more excited to wrestle with Carl. Eli was very intent on watching what was going on, it won't be long before he wants to join in. Next year this time with four boys could be very interesting but lots of fun!

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