Friday, November 20, 2009

Polar Express

He was loving his bell!
I hope he always hears the bell and believes in the magic and wonder of Christmas.
Santa was so nice and loved their jammies.
The conductor talked to Baylor about trains and his job on the way back.
One of the magic chefs on board the train.
When we got to the North Pole.
Coop did a little lounging on the 2 hour train ride. He thought it was a little long!
Reading his book. He has a bad habit of taking his shoes and socks off constantly. Mimi says he is going to have to wear tights this winter, I'm sure he is going to love that!
Reading with Daddy!
Getting the official punch.
The hot chocolate was yummy.
He had his tickets ready.
What a fun night.
He was ready to ride the Polar Express.
Waiting in line with all his treasures.
We Believe!!!
Coop fell asleep on the way while eating his dinner. He also fell asleep on the way home too and went right to bed for the night. He was worn out!

What a magical night. We went to Connersville for a ride of the "official" Polar Express. Baylor was so excited and could not wait to get on the train. Everyone was given a golden ticket to board the train just like the movie. Baylor also brought with him his special Polar Express ticket just in case. The train ride was very neat and just like the movie. When we first boarded the conductor came around the punch all the tickets and had a special Christmas tree hole punch. Baylor was very impressed and wanted to know where he got the punch. They were playing music from the movie and the train cars were decorated for Christmas. After starting on our way to the North Pole chefs came around to deliver hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Baylor thought the hot chocolate was the best ever! Cooper kept wanting to try a drink but would spit it out every time, I don't think he is a fan. He did enjoy his cookie though! On the way to the North Pole the conductor read the story over the loud speaker and you could follow along with your own copy. Both boys enjoyed listening to the story and looking at the book. When we got to the North Pole it was all decorated for Christmas and had so many lights. Baylor's face lit up with excitement. Santa came out of his workshop and waved to all the cars and then boarded the train. He visited every car on the return ride and gave all the children the first gift of Christmas, their own special bell. This was by far Cooper's favorite part. He loved seeing Santa and getting his big bell. To end the ride they play Josh Groban's song "Believe", what a great night and really makes you want to believe in the magic and spirit of Christmas! When we got off the train Baylor said he wanted to go again next year and that this was the best train ride ever!! He truly loved every moment of the experience.


jamie said...

Wow! They do a great job with the train ride! It looks like the kids had such a great time. I'm glad the boys had a special night!

d_freestone said...

Amazing! The book I have read, but a literal ride to the Polar Express...that is VERY cool! You certainly find the most interesting things to do with the boys!