Monday, November 2, 2009

Bedtime Boot Camp

They both watched cartoons in my bed before we got ready for preschool. That made them both happy!
Loving on each other!

Last night started bedtime boot camp at the Hurst house. We told the boys earlier in the day that they were both going to sleep in their beds all night. While Baylor sleeps in his own bed already he is accustomed to Daddy laying down with him to listen to songs, Josh Groban on the iPhone. What normally happens is Tom is so tired from his long day that he falls asleep and ends up sleeping in Baylor's bed, which makes Baylor very happy. Cooper on the other hand has flunked sleeping in his crib many times before. After several long vacations where he would sleep with me the entire time, he decided that was where he wanted to stay. He likes to lay right next to me or on top of me the entire night. We knew with Parker on the way that we had to get this under control. Parker arrives in only seven weeks from tomorrow, can you believe December 22 will be here that fast? Last night Tom got Cooper all ready for bed in his crib and I took care of Baylor. Let's just say it broke my heart to hear Cooper cry. Tom ended up laying on the floor in Cooper's room most of the night. He never got him out of his bed but talked to him and let him know he was okay. Hopefully tonight will go even better! When he woke up this morning I went over how proud I was of him and that he did a great job and his response was, "me no ike my bed". Well at least we are a step in the right direction.

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