Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy Wednesday

Roshan held Cooper during praise and worship and then he went to his class.
Baylor was lucky to sit by Sharmin and Sweetie.
Cooper ate everyone's gummy fish and worms off their cake.
The theme was go fishing and be a fisherman for Jesus in your everyday life.
Sharmin really helped Baylor and got his plate and drink. She also kept him entertained while we waited our turn.
Great job Mimi!
He was worn out on the way home. Unfortunately this 20 minute cat nap was the only nap he took for the day!

Peeking in the stroller at lunch.

He wanted to watch Ethan all day!

This morning the boys and I hurried to get Baylor to school on time. It was picture day and PDO which meant he needed his lunch and to look nice and neat for school. He loves PDO when he gets to stay longer and eat lunch at school. He was worried that he would have to wear his "button shirt" and vest all day though but I packed a shirt for him to change. He is so funny! Cooper and I hurried to go get Mimi after dropping off Baylor to head to Castleton for some power shopping. Jenny and Ethan met us at Macy's and we were all able to find so many great deals for gifts. I was able to get lots more accomplished today and my list is dwindling down rather quickly. If only I knew what to get Mimi! Cooper was obsessed with Ethan today. He kept saying he wanted to be closer to him. At lunch he wanted his highchair to be touching Ethan's stroller. He was looking at him and telling us "just ooking". Ethan was a great shopper and is such a doll! We love seeing Jenny and Ethan. Tonight we went to the Missions dinner at church. It was catered by Kopper Kettle and the program was great. Mimi did such a great job on getting everything together and the tables looked so cute. I was so thankful that the Mecwan family sat with us and helped since Pop and Tom were not there and Mimi had to be a hostess. I needed the extra hands with the boys. Both boys enjoyed watching the kid's choir sing, they did a great job. I am so thankful for our church! The best part of the night was coming home to Daddy! He has been traveling for the past three days and got home right before us. Hopefully this is his last trip until after Parker comes. I am getting a little slower and definitely need his help and support at night. We miss him when he is traveling and love having him HOME!!!! I know the boys were just as excited!

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