Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Little Helpers

He did a great job putting three jingle bells on each bracelet and even did a little singing too.
He is a great little wrapper who loves to use lots of tape.
He was stacking the cookies.
Good practice for the big job of cookie making.
Good job painting Coop!

This morning after preschool the boys and I stayed home and did some work and Christmas preparations around the house. I am definitely feeling tired these days and needed some rest time during the day. Baylor worked on his wrapping and finished all of his items. He even wrapped up some surprises from around the house. I think Sarah has quite a stash from Baylor. We also worked on jingle bell bracelets for our Santa party on Saturday. Both boys did a great a job putting the bells on the pipe cleaners. Cooper kept saying, "me do good Mommy". He was proud of himself. We also made slice and bake cookies as a start to our Christmas cookies. Baylor wanted to make sugar cookies but I told him we needed to wait until it was a little closer to Christmas so they would still be good for Santa and for Uncle Joe. They also did some watercolor painting and made some beautiful pictures. Baylor also helped me with the laundry which I really appreciated. He is getting anxious about the baby coming. Last night he wanted to know why Mommy spiders die when they have a baby and people do not die when they have a new baby. He is getting worried about me leaving to have the baby. The past few nights he has had a hard time at bedtime and is worried I will not be at home when he wakes up. Today he was afraid I would leave him at school and would not be there to pick him up. I am praying for him that he would not be anxious and that he would feel safe and know everything is under control. He has been wanting to pray to have God help him. He really is such a sweet little boy and I love him so!

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Jenny said...

I have no idea why I remember this, but in 6th grade Joe and I were I Social Studies together. We were having some kind of party and there were sugar cookies involved. I remember Joe saying, "My sister makes the best sugar cookies ever!" I guess I just thought it was really sweet that a 6th grade boy would think so highly of his sister! Have fun baking!!!