Friday, November 13, 2009

Baylor's Preschool Spaghetti Supper

Can you tell he loves Mrs. Steele?
Checking out at the book fair with Mrs. Skinner.
Baylor and Daddy eating their yummy dinner.
Cooper loved his dinner and had two helping of spaghetti.

Every year Baylor's preschool has a spaghetti supper fundraiser and book fair. Baylor was so excited to go and couldn't wait to show Cooper around his school. Cooper was happy that he was finally able to go in and not just dropping off bubby. We ate dinner at a table with Baylor's teacher, Mrs. Steele. The dinner was yummy and we enjoyed talking to his teachers and friends. Both boys picked out some books at the book fair and got to carry their own bags of books. Baylor really likes Wow Wow Wubzy right now so he picked all Wubzy books and Cooper picked Bob the Builder Christmas and a Christmas Angel book. He is loving playing with our Little People manger scene and likes to put the angel on top. We are so thankful for Baylor's school and his teachers. They truly are a blessing and Baylor has loved his three years at preschool.

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