Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Gift and Hobby Show

Two cuties with the big man himself.
He really loves Santa this year!!!
He wanted to open the door.
These cute decorations were originally part of the Christmas display at Glendale Mall. I loved going to that mall and miss it there.
He was worn out at the gift and hobby show. Seeing Santa is hard work.
Cooper likes to play the music on his ornaments.
Before we left I took pictures of the boys by their trees. Baylor put all his Christmas items around the bottom of his tree. He is so proud of his tree!

This morning we had our Christmas pictures taken at our house and did outside fall pictures. The boys did great and I think we got some great shots. Baylor is quite the poser and was pretty funny the whole time Miss Gina was here. I love her pictures and can't wait to see what she captured. After pictures we went to the Gift and Hobby show with Mimi. The highlight for the boys was Santa. Baylor was perturbed that he didn't bring Santa a present this time. He gave Santa a candy cane he got from one of the booths. We ended up stopping to see Santa two times. Baylor just hugged him when we left and said he would work on his list but whatever Santa brought he would like. It was fun to walk around and look at the Christmas stuff. Tonight Baylor went with Mimi to Sarah's musical at her school. He was so excited to go and thought it was special he went and Cooper had to stay home. Cooper did not think it was special and he cried and cried when Baylor left. He got over quickly though with a Popsicle!

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