Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Party at the State Museum

Happy New Year!
2010 was a great year for our family. We had so many great times together.
I am looking forward to another year with Tom!
We had a great time with Mimi and Pop!
Looking good in our party hats.
Baylor loved bowling.
Coop got up close.
He had fun playing with Pop at dinner.
All the kids got to color a quilt square for a big New Year's quilt.
Mimi and Baylor worked together.
Parker had fun dancing with Daddy.
Coop had fun with the hula hoops.
Wanting for the big balloon drop.
Our happy New Year baby.
Over 1600 balloons.
So much fun!
The balloons were so much fun.
Final train ride of 2010.
For New Year's Eve we went to the Indiana State Museum for the Family Party. It was so festive and perfect for our kids and the stage of life we are in right now. There were crafts, face painting, bowling, games, dancing, hula hoops, jumps ropes, hats, train rides, and more. The boys had a wonderful time and loved going with our family and Mimi and Pop. The band played fun music and they had so much fun dancing and waiting for the big balloon drop. The drop and countdown was at 8:00 and it was so much fun. There were over 1600 balloons and they loved playing with them. We definitely will make this a new tradition for our family! It was a great way to ring in the New Year!

Lunch with Daddy

He liked sitting at Daddy's desk.
He hasn't been to Daddy's work in a long time.
He had fun.
Pop came by for a vist too.
We had Jimmy John's delivered and it was delicious. We used to get it at Tom's old office all the time.
Working hard.
Coop loved the big dry erase board wall.
Lots of room to draw.
He's getting so big.
Today we went to lunch at Daddy's work. We haven't been in quite a long time and the boys were so excited. They love playing in his office and think it is a special treat. They never want to go out to lunch with Daddy but want to eat in his office. We had a great lunch and enjoyed our time with Daddy. Afterwards the boys and I went to Target and it was crazy! The store was packed and the traffic was terrible but the boys did a good job.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Our movie crew.
Pointing to the sign.
Baylor and Maddy.
Coop did not want his picture taken.
Jack and Baylor.
We wanted to get together with Maddy, Drew and Jack over Christmas break. With the half day morning/afternoon schedules we don't get to see them as much this year. We all met at the movie today to see Tangled. Parker stayed home with Sarah and I took Baylor and Cooper. After the movie yesterday I knew this was a much better idea. The kids all loved the movie and the popcorn. It was so cute! Cooper was a little scared and didn't like the mean witch. I loved the movie and loved the lantern scene, so pretty. I wish I had some of Rapunzel's hair:)!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


At dinner.
We were so excited for the show.
I have been so excited to see Wicked! I love the music and was looking forward to a fun night with a great friend. Jamie and I went to dinner at the Rathskellar before the show and had a great dinner. The portion sizes are enormous and thankfully we split a meal. Our seats were great and the show was fabulous. Elfie was amazing and had such a powerful voice. I loved the show and it was such a great night.

Yogi Bear

Uncle Joe and Baylor.
Coop loved Yogi Bear and laughed lots.
After the movie.
We had two helpers who wanted to wrap china too, a little scary but nothing broke.
This morning Uncle Joe came over and helped me pack china and other items from the dining room. I really appreciated his help and the boys love having him home. When Mimi got back from a meeting we all went to go see Yogi Bear. Baylor has seen the commercial for the movie several times and could not wait to see the movie. Baylor and Cooper both loved the movie and had a great time. We took Parker with us and he did not last very long this time. It was hard for him to be quiet and he wanted the popcorn and ICEEs. Mimi and I took turns taking him out. I don't think he will be at another movie for awhile.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 1

He's excited about the new laundry room. He is having so much fun with his shopping cart.
Can you spot Parker? I was sitting in the chair and he crawled behind the couch and on top of a tub of toys and peeked his head over. He thought it was funny and I had to keep getting him off again and again and finally just moved the tub. He is going to be a climber just like Coop.
So excited!
The new entrance from the garage.

Today they started construction on our new laundry room. I was surprised at how much they got done on day one. It already looks like a room. I know the next three months are going to be crazy with all that is going to be going on around here but I can't wait for the finished product!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

The only picture from our day. I am so thankful for Tom and love him so!
Having your birthday two days after Christmas is hard. People are over eating and partying and worn our from the holidays. This year Mom asked Tom if he wanted us all to go out or they would watch the boys. He was excited to go to a movie and it was a great day. We ended up getting Sarah to watch the boys around noon and he took a half day. We spent the whole day together and had so much fun. We went to lunch and had fun talking. We also had to pick out lots of items for the house and went to Schreiber Lumber, Limpus Cabinets, and Loews. We would not have been able to do this with the boys. We were at the cabinet store for close to three hours. We came home and got the boys ready and then took then to Mimi and Pop's house. We ate dinner at Max and Erma's and then saw The Fighter. It may have not been the most exciting birthday but it was great to have the day together. When we got the boys we sang Happy Birthday and he had a birthday cookie. Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

The boys before church.
He loves the helicopter.
Showing Mimi the Lego table.
Park likes to walk all the way around the table.
Flying the helicopter for Uncle Joe.
Coop loves his tent.
Park likes to go for rides. He hollers when his brothers get on it, it's like he's telling them "that's mine"!
Taking Jessie for a ride in the shopping cart.
He made lots of baskets.
Daddy likes the helicopter and Park likes to watch it.
Baylor with Stinky the Garbage Truck.

This morning we woke up and all went to church. It was nice to sing carol today and spend the morning at church. After church we went to Cafe 52 for breakfast with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe. They came over after church to see the boys presents from Santa. Baylor wanted to show them how his remote control helicopter works. We spent the rest of the day playing at home with all of the new toys. Our house seriously looks like a bomb exploded in every single room. We tried to organize gifts to the rooms they go in and try to clean a little. I need to do some serious organizing to make room for all the new toys the boys got for Christmas. It was so nice to have the day at home. During nap time Daddy took Baylor to Pappaw's house to take his four wheeler for a ride in the snow on their land. He had a great time!