Friday, December 3, 2010

Run Run as Fast as you Can...

Baylor and the gingerbread man.
Coop ran right up to him.
Baylor's finished gingerbread house.
He worked so hard and did it all by himself.
This craft was hard for Coop because he wanted to eat all the candy, cereal, pretzels, etc. for the house. I think I told him it wasn't to eat fifty times.
We love the big nutcrackers.
We really love Mimi!!!!
Baylor loved the green castle.
Parker loved the Little People house.
How cute is this!
Mimi and I loved the Queen of Hearts and her castle.
After school we headed to Conner Prairie for a gingerbread man class. All of the gingerbread houses are on display so we checked them all out before class. They are so amazing! There are so many neat ones this year. The boys loved the Little People house and the big cup of hot chocolate. In class we read a story, made a gingerbread house, did a little puppet game, sang and danced with the gingerbread man, and had a snack. When class was over all the kids went to look at the houses and vote on their favorites. It was a great class that was really sweet:).

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