Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back to the State Museum

We love the big nutcrackers.
He loves to find all the items on the checklist.
Parker checking out the windows.
Loving on Mimi.
Getting a good look at Santa.
We rode in the caboose.
It was quite fun.
We were taking turns being Santa.
This is how Baylor thinks Santa flies his sleigh. A little dramatic?
Baylor was pretending to be Santa.
During the holiday season we try to visit the Statue Museum and Children's Museum at least once a week since Mimi has a membership and there are lots of fun Christmas activities. After school we headed to the State Museum. We had lunch in the cafeteria, the chicken velvet soup is so yummy, and then headed to Celebration Crossing. We were the only group in the area at the time. We rode the train four times and then had a visit with Santa. Baylor talked to Santa and Mrs. Claus for a long time and even stayed in the house while I rode the train again with the two little boys. He talked to Santa about his reindeer and his elves. He also asked Mrs. Claus about sewing and how she helps Santa. He is really into everything Christmas this year and truly believes with all of his heart. It is so fun to watch him and how excited he is, I know the time is growing short for him to be a true believer. However I'm thirty and I still believe in the magic of Christmas! We made a stop to visit the good old Woolly Mammoth before leaving. We all enjoyed the day at the museum.

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