Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yogi Bear

Uncle Joe and Baylor.
Coop loved Yogi Bear and laughed lots.
After the movie.
We had two helpers who wanted to wrap china too, a little scary but nothing broke.
This morning Uncle Joe came over and helped me pack china and other items from the dining room. I really appreciated his help and the boys love having him home. When Mimi got back from a meeting we all went to go see Yogi Bear. Baylor has seen the commercial for the movie several times and could not wait to see the movie. Baylor and Cooper both loved the movie and had a great time. We took Parker with us and he did not last very long this time. It was hard for him to be quiet and he wanted the popcorn and ICEEs. Mimi and I took turns taking him out. I don't think he will be at another movie for awhile.

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