Friday, December 17, 2010

Baylor's Kindergarten Christmas Party

The dilly bars and cookies were delicious.
Baylor at the party.

Waiting on his turn.

Nutcracker ring toss.

Baylor and Lilly.

The girls book exchange.

The boys book exchange.

Today was the last day of school before Christmas vacation! Baylor is a little confused when you call it vacation and he wanted to know where we are going. Unfortunately we are not going anywhere, but we do have two weeks of no early mornings or homework:). I was in charge of his Christmas party with one other mom and the kids had a great time. We made a frame and a gingerbread man, played three games and had a snack. Before the party the kids did their book exchange and Baylor's got "Froggy's Christmas". He had fun with his friends and all the kids were so well behaved. It was a fun morning at school. I love going back and visiting with my friends who I miss from when I was teaching, but I have to say I don't miss all the other aspects of teaching.

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