Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cookies Part 2

Baylor did great rolling out his dough. He looked so cute in his Santa apron and Christmas jammies.
Coop was sad that his John Deere shirt had to get washed because it was covered in flour. He wants to wear it all the time.
Hard at work.
The birthday boy fell asleep in his high chair. He had a big day!

Dadd and Baylor.
After making the dough and freezing it we were ready to cut out and bake our cookies. This is always the favorite part for the boys. They have flour everywhere and make a huge mess but it is so much fun. We made enough dough that they could have their own big ball and play. We don't usually bake their cookies because they add lots of flour and like to play. Coop was making snowmen and using a little bowl to cook with the dough. He had a great time. Daddy is great at rolling out the dough and using every square inch when cutting out cookies. They turned out great and we had lots of cookies. We let them cool tonight and then will ice them tomorrow.

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