Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Party

Baylor and Lily.
Baylor and Sydney.
The boy table.
Lily opening her present from Baylor.
He loved playing Laser Tag and doing the bumper cars.
One of Baylor's favorite friends at school is Lily. Ever since the first day of school he talks about her and how nice she is and how much fun he has with her at school. They sit at the same table and he always has cute stories to share. Today was Lily's 6th birthday party at That Fun Place. Baylor was so excited to go and had a great time. It was fun to see his friends and watch him interact with kids from his school. It was a great party and lots of fun!
Thankfully it worked out that I was able to take him because when Parker woke up he really wasn't feeling well and did not have a wet diaper. Pappaw was able to watch Baylor and Cooper in the morning so I could take Parker to the doctor. He ended up having an ear infection in his right ear and she said the antibiotic would also help with the drainage issues we were having when he was trying to eat. Mimi watched Parker and Cooper then while I took Baylor to the party. I am so thankful for all the grandparents and their help! We couldn't do it all without them and we know how much they love our children!!!

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