Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mom's Ornament Party

I'm so lucky to have her as my mom!
The lovely and delicious food table.
Sweet sweet friends.
Another look, just looking at this makes me hungry.
The cute cake made by A Couple of Sweet Things.
Special ladies.
It's a tight fit in the room so I couldn't get us all in one picutre. Here's group #1.
Group #2.
Group #3.
Group #4. This was Sarah's first year to come, we were so happy to have her there for a fun night. She is such a sweet girl.
Every Christmas one of my favorite events is Mom's ornament party. It is such a fun night and she is an amazing hostess. I love seeing so many great friends that I do not get to see as often any more. Mom always has lots of delicious foods and tasty desserts. I love the chicken puffs, banana cream pie and Shapiro's cheesecake. The ornament game is so much fun and can get pretty intense:). It was a fun and festive night.

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