Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Carol

The Colts game had just let out and traffic was terrible. We parked a little farther and then walked quickly to make it on time. They actually started a little late because when we got there it was still empty. We stopped by the Conrad to take a picture with the big soldier. We always talk about these when we drive by.
Baylor thinks his Uncle Joe is the best!
My date for the night.
This is his third year to see A Christmas Carol. That means Coop could go next year, scary!
Such a cute couple.
His new Nutcracker. His collection is out of control!!!!
Baylor sat by Pop at dinner and they played tic tac toe.
Since Parker wasn't feeling well we didn't want to leave him with a babysitter so Tom stayed home with Parker and Cooper. Baylor and I went to Christmas Carol at IRT with Mimi, Pop, Joe, and Megan. Mimi brought him a new Scrooge Nutcracker and he was so excited. The show was great and we all enjoyed the performance. After the play we went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. It was so delicious, I love eating there. I loved spending time with Joe and Megan and Baylor had so much fun!

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