Thursday, December 23, 2010

Final Visit with Santa

Santa Baby
He looked so cute in his Santa suit.
He loved the train.
He's so excited for Christmas.
Coop was being Santa.
My Santa pictures were all a little blurry, but the one we bought turned out great.
Park got out of the stroller and he loved the windows.
Next year he will be so much bigger.
We headed back to the State Museum today for one final visit with Santa. We have enjoyed going there this season and have had such a great time. Baylor always says he only wants to go where the real Santa is. Santa is so nice to the boys and talks to them and asks them lots of questions. We thanked him and the boys went back in before we left to give him one last hug. This was a great year where the boys were truly excited about the magic of Christmas!

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d_freestone said...

GREAT pictures, Jessie! The "Santa Baby" picture of Parker was darling. You certainly provide wonderful experiences for the boys, not only at holiday time, but all of the time!! Blessings to you all!