Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waking the Reindeer

He was ready for the reindeer party with his Santa hat, Rudolph nose, and elf jammies.
Daddy brought Cooper and Parker over after we got home from dinner.
Thanks Pop and Mimi for making this such a fun night and a great family tradition.
Baylor is the first reindeer, Dasher, so he had to really listen to Pop. He was so cute saying "Wake up Dasher" and ringing his bell. Since he is #1 he has the biggest bell. Pop did some switching after last year because Baylor had a smaller bell and he wanted to be big.
Great Job Joe and Megan.
I am Vixen and Parker is Rudolph.
Parker was quite busy ringing his bell. He did not want to give it back to Pop.
We love you Pop!
Tom took this picture of the cake from A Couple of Sweet Things but it was upside down. It was so delicious! I don't have any pictures of Tom either. The only one I had is so blurry but he was there wearing his nose too.
Baylor made Megan a snowman and an ornament. He was so excited to give them to her.
Last year Pop bought everyone in our family special reindeer bells with our names and the reindeer names engraved on the leather strap. They all have special Santa bags that they go in. Since things were a little different last year with Parker's birth the reindeer waking with the bells was not a very big deal. Well this year Pop wanted to make sure we went all out for our reindeer party. Santa had left a letter for the boys so we knew this was the night to ring all of our bells to wake them to start training for the big night. Mimi ordered a special reindeer cake and Pop read us a letter from Santa. We had to stand in order of our bells and say the reindeer name and "Wake Up"! We had some loud bell ringing. Pop got us all Rudolph noses to wear for the event. After we woke all the reindeer up we sang several Christmas songs while ringing our bells. It was a fun night and the boys had a great time. Parker loved ringing his bell. We also gave Megan her presents at the reindeer party and she gave the boys their gifts too.

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Love it! What a fun night!