Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baylor's Gingerbread House

All set up ready to begin.
Mixing master.
I think it's safe to say he enjoyed the icing!
Working together to get the icing in all the right spots.
Great job Pop and Baylor!
His house looks great!
When Pop got home from work he stopped and picked up Baylor for his special night. He had his coat and shoes on and was out the door before the garage door was all the way up. He was so excited for his special night. Every year Pop makes a gingerbread house with the boys and they love doing this with him. Baylor has been talking about all the candy he was going to add. He had a great time and his house turned out great! Pop is quite the decorator and Baylor loves to add more and more items! After decorating he played Wii with Pop and worked on sewing with Mimi. I'm not sure how he got on a sewing kick but he wants to sew ornaments for people. Thankfully Mimi knows how because his Mommy does not!

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