Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cooper's Preschool Christmas Party

Busy writing his name.
AS 12 SF is what he said, sounds just about right.
Having a snack.
Glitter glue is so much fun.
He really got into the games.
He was cheering his friends on.
Coop and Mrs. Steele.
With all the winter weather this week and the school delays I wasn't sure if we would get Cooper's school party in before Christmas break. Luckily they only had a delay so we were able to have his party. On delay days Cooper is only at school for 90 minutes so I took him and just stayed and did the party. Mimi came and stayed with the other two boys at home which worked out great. There were three kids missing from his class today so we only had five kids at the party but they had a great time! It was such a nice group to work with. We made two crafts and they loved the glitter glue. This was by far the highlight. After crafts we played three games, nutcracker ring toss, gingerbread oven toss, and the chimney speed test. They loved the games and did great. For snack we had Christmas tree cakes, holiday marshmallows, and a drink. They all got reindeer antlers, paint books, and a little cuddly. They sang some Christmas songs and did the Jingle Bell obstacle course. What a festive day for the kids!

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