Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at Mimi and Pop's House

Cooper loved his doggy vet kit.
Parker's a great present!
Baylor loved the drum and head dress.
We went to Mimi and Pop's house on Christmas morning. The boys were so excited when they walked in the family room. It was all set up and ready. Parker went straight for his shopping cart and had so much fun pushing it. He loves it! Baylor and Cooper were definitely spoiled and had so much fun. They loved everything. Cooper loved his candy and Baylor was so excited when he opened his sewing kit. The boys got adorable Indian costumes, drums, and cute Indian toys. They also got lots of Duplo lego sets that will be perfect for the Lego table and Baylor got the City set. The boys were also so excited to give everyone all the gifts they made. Cooper couldn't wait to give Pop his Nutcracker he made and the Pringles he wrapped for him:). Uncle Joe got a new IPAD that he was excited about and lots of other great things. Daddy's big gift was a signed Bobby Bowden helmet and he was so surprised. Mimi got new Fiesta dishes that are so cute. I love my new sparkle UGG boots and purse. We all had a great morning and loved all of our presents.

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