Monday, December 6, 2010

Mops Play Date at the State Museum

Can you guess who ran out of the picture:).
My boys with Santa.
It was boy day today. When we had a snack in the cafeteria there were 6 moms with 11 sons. We did not have any little girls with us.
Ashley and Cooper.
It was a tight fit with all three but they did good together.
We tried to get a cousin picture in the sleigh, Parker was the only one smiling.
He loves the train.
Parker let Lucas chill with him in the double stroller.
Is he sweet or what?
Baylor had fun with Nick, we missed Katie today!
Nicole and Mr. Eli.
Jen and Ethan.
It was so nice that it was not crowded.
Coop had fun with Ashley.
I had a picture with alot of the kids by the gazebo but it is so blurry, I'm not sure what setting it what on:(.
Our last Mops play date for first semester was at the Indiana State Museum to visit Celebration Crossing. We had a great turnout and had 14 adults and over 20 kids. We went right after lunch time and we were the only group in the Christmas area. The kids were able to ride the train several times with their friends and see Santa. It was nice for them to have more time to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. After our first visit some of us went to the cafeteria for a snack and a drink. Lots of the kids were really thirsty so it was nice for a little break. Afterwards we went to the natural history exhibit and looked at all the animals. Jen and Ethan, Nicole and Eli and our family went together. The boys had so much fun running around together. We decided to go back to see Santa again and try for one more picture. I am so glad we went back because I got a pretty good picture of the three boys with Santa. We were once again the only group upstairs and we rode the train three more times. The boys all loved riding the train and had fun together. I love it when they say "All Aboard". We all sang some Christmas songs on the train and Parker was so cute dancing away.

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