Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Way Back Wednesday: Baylor 3-6 months

These pictures were taken between January-April 2005.  I love looking back at this happy baby of mine!  He was so chubby and smiley.  I remember many of these days, I am so lucky to be his mommy.

Goodbye February:)

I"ve completed month two of the Project 365 challenge.  I love looking back at the pictures from each day.  Some of them are so funny.  I really can't believe February is over, but I can't say I'm sad.  I love March and the signs of spring that are popping up all around!  February was fun but we welcome March with open arms!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mr. Potato Head

Tuesday morning we headed to the Children's Museum with Mimi.  We hadn't been since Christmas and the boys have been excited to go!   
 Our first stop was the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit.  It is so cute!  We were there for a long time and the boys had so much to do.  Parker loved making his own Mr. Potato Head.
 There was a fossil digging area with pebbles that Parker loved.  He loved to fill his bucket and then dump it out.  We spent a long time there.
 He stayed with me and Coop went with Mimi so I had the most pictures of him!
 So much to do!
 Coop loved rolling the balls down this maze.  He loves his Mimi!
 The space station area was really neat.
 Ready for take off.
 Parker loved the slide.
 After lunch we headed to the dinosaurs.
 They love to dig!

 At the trains Mimi got lots of train tickets.  Coop wanted to go to Disney World and New York, I'll go to Buddy!
 Then it was Parker's turn.
 Next up Scienceworks.
 We ended our day at the carousel.
 It was a great day at the museum.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A "Nack"

The  boys always want a snack, or a "nack" as Parker calls it, before bed.  For some reason it makes bed time go so much smoother.

 It's usually an apple, a piece of cheese, or some crackers.  I think they feel like it stretches out the bed time process.
They sure are happy though!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boat Sport and Travel Show

 Today after church we headed to the fairground to go to the Boat Sport and Travel Show.  It's a great place for little boys.
Baylor saw lots of things he would like to get one day.
 It was neat to watch and hear about these birds who have been rescued by the DNR.
 The Snowy Barn Owl was hit by an airplane over twenty years ago and can no longer fly but is still doing well.  The boys loved the owls.
 Coop picked this truck when he's old enough to drive.
 Baylor wanted to get a blue truck like Uncle Joe.
 The fish tanks were neat to see.
 Parker loved all the boats and kept saying "me go  boat".  We are all itching for warmer weather and can't wait for boating season to start!
 Coop loved looking at them all.  He wanted to climb up every step to get a closer look at each and every one.
 This party boat had a kitchen and bar and was called the Entertainer.  Baylor thought it looked fun.
They decided we should get an RV too so we could camp all the time.  I think I'll pass:).
After the boat show we went to eat lunch at Acapulco Joe's, I loved it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baylor's Last Basketball Game of the Season

 Today was the last Upward game of the season.  Baylor has loved basketball and is sad to see it end.
 He's had a great year and really improved.
 He's played hard and gotten so much better.
 Most importantly he's had fun!
 He shoots...
 he scores!  He scored 8 points today.  The team they played today was probably the toughest team of the season.  They were all good and were really tall!
 Our team played hard though!
He had a great last game!
For the little boys the games are all about the concession stand.  He had two hot dogs, popcorn, and a ring pop.  The game was at 12:30 so it was lunch!  All of the proceeds of the concession stand today went to the Hancock County Food Pantry which is another bonus.
Mimi and Pop got Baylor a new book after the game.  They were proud of him!
We love you Baylor and enjoyed watching you play this year!