Monday, February 6, 2012

Mops Playdate at Gymnastics

One of my jobs at Mops this year is to plan monthly play dates for our group. 
 It gets hard to find options that are appropriate for all of the age groups and at good times and cost effective.
 Today we had our play date at the gym where the boys take gymnastics.  Their teacher ran an open gym for the kids and I think it was a success.
We had over 25 kids ranging in ages from 1-6.  They all loved playing and definitely wore off some energy.

 Parker was right at home at the gym and had the best time.
He would go everyday if he could.

 Ethan had fun and was running all around.
 Parker liked popping the bean bags on the trampoline again.
 Mr. Monkey is so brave!
 Jackson was a log roller.

 Lots of bouncing.
 They were moving so fast it was hard to catch them.
 Hudson, Parker, and Eli climbing together.
 Eli is so cute!
 Playing beach ball, too bad we weren't at the beach.

 Hey Monkey Eli.
 Fun times.
 Carter on the beam.
 Elena thought she was big stuff.
 Grant and Ashley hanging on the bars.
 Go Silas!
 Lots of kids.
 Eli and Parker are funny together.
Ashley and Cooper.

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