Friday, February 17, 2012

InstaFriday: Feb. 17

I'm linking up for InstaFriday!  Hard to believe Friday is here again already.  Since I was sick this week I feel like I missed out on a few days and definitely took way less pictures.  So happy to be feeling better!
 1. Parker is a great grocery helper.  He loves Sams!
2. After school on Monday we played playdoh.
3.  Parker played until he fell asleep in his high chair.
4. Reading with all the boys before bed.
 5. Good Night!
6. Parker got my camera and took lots of pictures of the house and himself.
7. Cup stacking has become a favorite past time at our house.
8. Prize time at Chuckie Cheese.
 9. On Friday night our church had a family FX service.  Anna sat with Baylor during the service.  They are pals.  I had to lead joy jammers and was happy it went well.
10. There were desserts after the service.
11.  They loved the cookies.
12. The kids could make a family craft too.  It was a great night.
 13. Great Job.
14. Baylor's huge cup castle.
15. I love a sleeping babe.
16. On Saturday night we grilled steaks and had green beans, baked pot., salad, and cantaloupe.  Makes me think of summer.
17. Candy and snacks make Baylor's game go faster.
18. Coop had fun at the game and won the chicken dance contest with Haley and won popcorn.
19. Baylor had his best game ever.
20. Coop played with Cody.

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