Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner with Mama

 This was a long week with Tom gone all week.  It makes for long days and nights but he got home late tonight so we made it.  Mom wanted to come over and help and since she has Mama on Thursday they came for dinner.  The boys were excited to see her!  We had pizza for dinner and it was tasty.
 After dinner the boys took turns reading books with Mama.  Baylor read two books to Mama, he did a great job!
 Parker was excited for his turn to read with Mama.  He loves her.  He kept trying to give her big hugs and sit on her lap.
 Parker told Mama all the animal sounds and was busy showing her the animals.  Baxter loved Mama too!
After shower the boys had a snack and a little more cuddle time with Mama before she went home.
We loved spending the evening with Mimi and Mama and were so glad that Daddy was home around midnight!

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Diane Freestone said...

Great photos of Mama! She looked good!! Congrats to Baylor on his great jogathon!!