Friday, February 10, 2012

InstaFriday: Feb. 10

It's Friday again.  I'm linking up for InstaFriday.

 1. On Wednesday all the boys were at school in the morning and I had lots of errands.  I picked up breakfast at Starbucks.  It was yummy!
2.  Baxter went with me to pick up the boys at preschool.
3.  This is how close Parker sleeps to me.
4.  We were shopping at Von Maur with Mimi and just looked at the prom dresses.  This one could be yours for $500!

5. I always love tomoatoes, but these from Sams have been so good lately.  I eat them for a snack.
6. Up and Over at gymnastics is Parker's favorite.
7.  Cooper is getting really good at bars.
8.  Tom and I had a lunch date after my doctor's appt.

 9. I had to pick up 620 Dilly Bars for the Valentine Party at the elementary school.  I got myself a treat too, it was tasty.
10.  Baylor has been doing bear reasearch in his class.  He had to type his report at school. He picked a panda.
11. All of the reports.
12. On Friday night Tom and I went out for Valentine's Day.  We ate dinner at Sullivan's.  It was tasty!

13. After Sullivan's we went to two movies.  We saw Safe House and The Vow.  Such a fun night.
14. Saturday Baxter graduated from puppy school and then it was off to basketball.  Coop enjoys snacking during the game.
15. Go Baylor!
16. Parker likes wearing my boots.

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