Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday at Home

 Since the little boys were not feeling great we spent the days in our jammies and played.  We did some puzzles.
 We played play doh for a long time.  It keeps them entertained for a long time!
 While they played play doh I was able to put all of our Valentine decorations away and get out some new things.  They had fun playing and Baxter had fun waiting for one of them to drop something.
 We also watched several movies.  Lilo and Stitch is always a hit and we also watched Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp.
 He ran up to get his Lilo and Stitch figures to hold while he watched the movie.
 Cozy day at home.
 I added this verse to the chalk board.

 He kept playing in the water and soaking his jammies so he ended up in a diaper.
Baxter found a safe place to rest.

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