Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mr. Potato Head

Tuesday morning we headed to the Children's Museum with Mimi.  We hadn't been since Christmas and the boys have been excited to go!   
 Our first stop was the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit.  It is so cute!  We were there for a long time and the boys had so much to do.  Parker loved making his own Mr. Potato Head.
 There was a fossil digging area with pebbles that Parker loved.  He loved to fill his bucket and then dump it out.  We spent a long time there.
 He stayed with me and Coop went with Mimi so I had the most pictures of him!
 So much to do!
 Coop loved rolling the balls down this maze.  He loves his Mimi!
 The space station area was really neat.
 Ready for take off.
 Parker loved the slide.
 After lunch we headed to the dinosaurs.
 They love to dig!

 At the trains Mimi got lots of train tickets.  Coop wanted to go to Disney World and New York, I'll go to Buddy!
 Then it was Parker's turn.
 Next up Scienceworks.
 We ended our day at the carousel.
 It was a great day at the museum.

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