Thursday, February 16, 2012

State Museum

On Thursday I was feeling much better and was ready to get out of the house. We love to go to the State Museum in the winter.  There are never any crowds and it's a great place for the boys to run and play.
 After several days inside, I was ready to head out.
 The boys were too!
 We had fun with Mimi and enjoyed our time.  We were the only ones in an exhibit at a time, so nice!
 They love the animals.
 Driving the tractor.
 We know this conductor.
 More driving!
 Big muscles!
We ended the day with a sucker from the gift shop.  He was so happy!

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Jess Judkins said...

Fun! I can't wait till the weather is a bit warmer here so I can metro into DC (we live like 10 mins away) to take Judah to the museums :-)

Im currently to chicken to drive into DC (The parking is the worst) and don't want to take the metro when its freezing :-)