Sunday, February 19, 2012

Parker's Big Boy Bed

 The addition of a new little one to our family has bumped up the true need for bed time boot camp.  This little guy never really slept in his crib, sad I know!  The good thing is his crib makes a full size bed.  This weekend Tom worked on getting it all put together and got him a new full size mattress.  
 We really talked it up and he was excited.  He got new Bob the Builder sheets, well they are construction, but he wanted Mickey and they didn't have them in full so Bob the Builder sounded more exciting.  He was so excited.
 He even wanted Mimi and Pop to come over and see.  He was so proud and so excited.
 When it was time for bed his story changed a bit.  I laid with him and he cried for my bed.  He finally fell asleep and I left his room.  He didn't make it all night because he woke up coughing and then wanted mom.  I'd say it was pretty good for night one.
He did take a nap in there on Monday and is still excited which is great!
What a big boy Parker!

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