Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Party

 It's been a big week in Indy with the Super Bowl here!!!! We have been excited for the big game.
 After a fun night at the NFL experience on Friday night the boys were pumped up for the big game.
 We had cookie cake and super bowl cupcakes.  They boys were excited.
We had football party hats to make it like a real party.
 Baylor was busy making signs and posters to hang up.  He was cheering on the Patriots.  
 We had lots of yummy appetizers.  It was all delicious.  Mimi and Pop came over and the boys were so excited!
 Cooper liked the Super Bowl plates and napkins.
 Baylor was most excited for the cookie cake.
 The resident sign maker.
 Mimi made Super Bowl punch and the boys loved it.
 They stayed up later too which made the party even more fun.
 The cupcakes had super bowl rings which they loved too.
 A little game time with Pop.
Mimi and Baylor playing together.
We loved the halftime show and enjoyed watching the game.
Way to go Eli and the Giants!
We're already excited for football to start again next year, and we are hoping Peyton will still be in Indy!!!

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