Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drake's First Birthday

 We had a busy Saturday.  It started early with puppy class and then we hurried to Baylor's basketball game.
 Parker went with Mommy to the game and Cooper went ahead to the birthday party with Mimi.
 Pop came to cheer on Baylor too.  He likes for us to be there to watch him.
 Baylor had a great game.  He scored!  He played great defense again today and played hard the entire game.  They lost by 5 but did great.  As as soon as the game was over we headed to Drake's first birthday party.
 We got there just in time for him to eat his cake.  He was so cute!
 His cake was so cute.  It was a Mickey party.
 Happy Birthday!
What a sweet boy!
 He got lots of great presents.  Fun new toys to play with are always great.
 All the cute Mickey touches were so cute.
 Parker loved the big Mickey balloon.
 Katie did such a great job with the party.
 Cooper loved the candy and dessert.
 Baylor was starving from his game and loved the Mickey chicken nuggets and Mickey pizza.
 Ethan and Parker.
 Parker wanted to open Drake's presents.
 Mommy and Parker with the Clubhouse pals.
 Pop got to cuddle with Gabrielle.  She slept through the whole party.
 Dueling pianos.
Ethan and Parker have fun together.

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