Friday, February 24, 2012

Jog A Thon

 On Friday I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Baylor at school.  I brought him lunch and ate with him in the cafeteria.
 I brought Maddy lunch too.  We had Subway.  I had fun sitting with him.  They are so funny!
He was so excited.  The kids were all pumped because today was the Jog a Thon.
 I helped with the Jog A Thon all afternoon.  Baylor's class was the first first grade class to come to the gym.  Before starting they warmed up with the YMCA.  It was so cute to watch.
 They were hilarious.
 This was my group.  The kids had 10 minutes to run as many laps as the could around the charted course.  When they passed me they called out their name and I counted their lap.
 Baylor ran hard the entire time!  He was so red faced.
 Baylor and Lily after running.
 Baylor, Maddy, and Lily.
 All of the kids got special certificates.  He ran 17 laps!
 After running they got a snack and drink.  They were all thirsty.
 Great Job Baylor!
I love being able to spend time with him at his school.  After school we had a little date at the library and found The Littles and a few other books he wanted to read.  

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