Thursday, February 9, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Feb. 9

When Baylor gets home from school the little boys are still taking their naps.  Sometimes they sleep 15-20 minutes more and other days it could be an hour.  I like to have some time where I can just focus on Baylor since he's been gone all day long!  We always get him a snack and get homework done right away.  On this day, the little boys didn't get to nap until later so they slept almost an hour and a half after Baylor got home which gave us lots of time together.
 He had to decorate a box for his class Valentine cards.
 I found this little foam mailbox so we decorated that together and got his valentine cards all ready for school.
 He made chocolate suckers at Mimi's house to give all of his class mates.
 Next it was time to make cupcakes.  We wanted to surprise Daddy with a treat after dinner.

 Baylor loves to help and can do about anything you ask.
 He wanted to put them in the oven all by himself.
 We did homework first but we saved spelling words until the end.  We try to practice them every night throughout the week so he is ready for the test on Friday.
Baxter is always so excited for Baylor to be home.  He waits with me at the window for the bus and then can't wag his tail fast enough when he sees his boy run up the yard.  It's too cute!

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