Monday, February 13, 2012


Surprise, we are expecting baby #4 on August 27.
We thought our family was complete, but God had different plans.  We are excited for this new little miracle and the plans God has for his life.  
Here is a little background on how we found out about peanut and the great surprise it really was!
On December 28, I woke up feeling awful.  I was dizzy and nauseous and really thought I had the flu.  Cooper woke up feeling sick too and complained of an earache.  I didn't think I should drive so Tom took him to med check before he went to work for the day.  While Tom was there I had him pick up a pregnancy test too just to be safe.  He said as soon as I said that he knew!  I on the other hand really didn't think I was pregnant but felt like I was experiencing morning sickness.  Tom bought a three pack and I took them and they were all positive.  The scary part was that I was taking birth control the whole time so I was a little worried.  I called my doctor and she scheduled me to come in for a blood test the next morning.  Sure enough I was pregnant and my levels looked good except for having low progesterone levels.  She started me on progesterone pills and then scheduled me for an appointment and ultrasound in two weeks.  Tom and I were really in shock.  We could not believe we got pregnant while on birth control.  It took us three years and three surgeries to get pregnant with Baylor and now here we were with #4.  The ultrasound went great and we saw the little heartbeat and confirmed that there was only one baby.  We did find out a little over a week ago that there is a one million unit recall of the medicine that I was taking because too many sugar pills were added, which makes sense why we are pregnant.  I went back to the doctor this Friday and am now 12 weeks.  We told the boys on Saturday and they were excited.  Cooper of course wants a girl and Baylor wants a boy because he doesn't want any pink in our house.  When we told him he said it's going to be crazy with three kids, he doesn't consider himself a kid anymore!  At times, it seems overwhelming to think we are adding to our family but I know this is God's perfect plan and I have faith that it will all  work out.  We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!


Diane Freestone said...

Holy Macaroni! Congratulations! Time to hire a live in nanny! Just kidding! Mimi must be thrilled!

Brownie Bunch said...

Congratulations!! Four little ones will be so much fun. Each one brings their own little personality and adds a different dynamic. I'm not gonna lie, four kids is alot of work but also very rewarding. (PS-your laundry will grow exponentially, its crazy, beware!)

We'll be praying for a healthy baby...and maybe that its a girl:-)

amyhersheyskisses said...

HOW fun!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! :))

Emily said...

Jessie, congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. :-) Like Katie said: four is a lot of fun... a lot of work, but a lot of fun. This might be a surprise for you, but God has known all along. What a blessing!!!

Nicole O said...

Wow! Congratulations! I will pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby too ;)