Thursday, February 16, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Feb. 16

 Since we didn't get to go out on Valentine's Day with the boys we went to Chuckie Cheese tonight.  Mama was with Mimi so she got to come too!  The boys were happy to have her there.
 They had lots and lots of tokens to use.
 There was lots of fun to be had!  I even got to play skee ball lots, my favorite!
 Daddy met us there for dinner and to play.
 Coop and Mama.  I love having pictures of the boys with Mama, precious treasures.
 Poor Daddy is on the Daniel fast so he had slim dinner choices but he is doing great.
 Mimi and Parker.
 I love these two so!
 Parker loves playing the games and riding rides.
 Bob the Builder, can you fix it?
 Flying high Coop.
Thanks Mimi and Mama for a fun night!  We had a great time!


Jess Judkins said...

Oh looks like you all had so much fun! The bob the builder pic is my favorite :-)

I love skee ball!!! I can't wait till Judah is older so I can take him :-)

Diane Freestone said...

Great photographs! Mimi and Mama looked great!