Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Party at Mimi and Pop's House

Sunday night we went to Mimi and Pop's house for a Valentine Party.  Mimi always makes things so special for the boys and they were so excited.  Baylor yelled decorations when he saw the dining room.

 Even Parker's high chair was decorated.
 The boys got a heart filled with candy and a magic towel, a cup of lego pieces, a big bouncy ball, and a container of token for Chuckie Cheese to use when we go on Valentine's Day.
 The table looked great.
 The adults got movie tickets, yeah!

 Cooper couldn't wait for his candy.
Parker and Pop. 
 Baylor loves parties.
 Parker had Mickey in his ball.
 My love:).
 We had Kopper Kettle for dinner and it was so delicious!  Everyone ate great and we had no spills!  Mimi made punch and they got to drink out of Waterford goblets.
 We played three games.  The first game you had to tear a heart behind your back with our partner.
 Pop and Coop did great.
 Daddy and Baylor did great too, Mommy and Park not so great!
 On the next game you had to throw arrows, or straws, through the heart like cupid.
 They loved this game!
 Silly Daddy.  The last game they boys had to each find 14 hearts that were hidden around the downstairs.
 After games it was time for presents.  The boys got new jammies and a game.
 They were excited!
 Parker loved opening.
 For dessert we had yummy brownie sundaes and Valentine cookies.
It was a great party!
Thanks Mimi and Pop!
We love you.

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