Saturday, February 18, 2012

Go Spartans!

 This is Baylor's second year playing Upward Basketball.  The church where he plays does such an amazing job organizing this league.  It's such a positive experience for all the kids involved.  Baylor has had so much fun this year.
 He's played really hard this year and been really into the game.  Last year they didn't keep score but this year in his age group they do, I find him watching the score board throughout the game.  He has a drive to win, I wonder where he gets that from.  
 He's played great defense all year and has done great getting rebounds, but this week was his best week.  He scored 12 points, and his smiles were precious!
 He always has red cheeks and sweaty hair, he gives it his all.
 He's ready to score.
 It's been fun to watch him and it's also been a good learning season for him.  He's had some great conversations with Tom about hard work and not giving up.
 His brothers love to cheer him on.
 We are proud of you Baylor!
 He's sad to see basketball season end, but also happy that baseball is just around the corner.  With little boys it seems to go right from one sport to another.  
 We all enjoy the sports right now because they are all about fun and learning!
 #2 our favorite Spartan!
 Great Work Baylor!
 One more game to go.
 Hoping it's as good as this game!

A little visit with Mimi and Pop after the game.  
Great Job!

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