Wednesday, February 8, 2012

While Mom and Dad Were Gone...

While Tom and I went to Tampa Miss Sarah stayed at our house and the big boys took turns spending the night with Mimi and Pop.  They love spending the night and enjoy the alone time and get completely spoiled by Mimi and Pop.  Pop has been helping the boys put together all of the Legos they got for Christmas.  We call him the Lego Master.
 It was Coop's turn to go first.  He took his pirate ship to put together.  He also went to the grocery with Mimi and picked out powder donuts and watermelon to have as a snack.
 The pirate ship is so neat and it looks great on his dresser.  He was so proud.
 Pop is a great helper.
 Go Pop!
 Coop has had fun playing with all of the pirates.
 He also worked on his batman.  Great fighting faces.
 On Saturday Mimi and Pop took Baylor to his basketball game.  He played hard again this week.
 It's fun to watch him enjoy the game.
 Go #2!
 He's all about defense this year and has been really good at rebounding the ball.
 He's really enjoying the season and having fun.
Red cheeks and wet hair after a tough game.

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