Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday: February 3

I can't believe it's Friday already!  Here's a look at our week from my phone.
 We went to lunch one day with Mimi at On the Border.  

 Parker loves his doggie.
 A little treat from Chick Fil A.  He really still needs to sit in a stroller, he's too busy looking around and has no fear of getting lost!
 Baylor has loved playing outside when he finishes his homework this week.  The weather has been so nice.
 Bax likes to cuddle up under the counter to take a nap.
 Swinging pals.
 Coop got signed up for spring soccer and he can't wait!
 Parker loves hopscotch!
 It was crazy hair and sock day at school.
 My favorite verse.
 They loved riding bikes.

He wanted to drive to Chuckie Cheese.
Baylor was a little rusty on his bike at first.  He got the hang of it after a few laps.

life rearranged

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Holly said...

Oh my gosh how cute and huggable looking is your dog!? He looks like a teddy bear! :O