Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baylor's Last Basketball Game of the Season

 Today was the last Upward game of the season.  Baylor has loved basketball and is sad to see it end.
 He's had a great year and really improved.
 He's played hard and gotten so much better.
 Most importantly he's had fun!
 He shoots...
 he scores!  He scored 8 points today.  The team they played today was probably the toughest team of the season.  They were all good and were really tall!
 Our team played hard though!
He had a great last game!
For the little boys the games are all about the concession stand.  He had two hot dogs, popcorn, and a ring pop.  The game was at 12:30 so it was lunch!  All of the proceeds of the concession stand today went to the Hancock County Food Pantry which is another bonus.
Mimi and Pop got Baylor a new book after the game.  They were proud of him!
We love you Baylor and enjoyed watching you play this year!

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