Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cooper's Haunted House

 After the championship game it was Cooper's turn to make his house.  He couldn't wait!
 He helped make the icing.
 Such a cutie.  He is such a sweet boy.  He's always saying I love you and asking how he can help.  He sings to Sawyer and is always giving him kisses.  He is a lover.
 He's also a candy lover.  Look at those lips.
He was ready to do the icing.
Mr. Black Teeth.
Such a cutie.
He worked hard to fill his house with candy.
He was so proud and couldn't wait to show us at home.

Great Job Cooper!
It's bootiful!
Another spooky creation.

Fall Ball Champions

After the first game the team had a little break before they played the championship game.  They were all pumped and excited to be playing in the final game.  I think the excitement really helped them.  They were ready to go.  Daddy gave Baylor a little pep talk before the big game.

Baylor had great hits again during this game and scored for his team.  The whole team hit great!

 The Red Sox win!  They beat the Reds who they had not been able to beat all season long.  To say they were excited was an understatment.
 They got two trophies after the big game.  One trophy for being in second place for the regular season and then the championship trophy.  Yeah!
Way to go Red Sox!  What a great season.  We are looking forward to spring baseball already.

Game 1 of Fall Ball Tourney

Sunday afternoon was the tourney for fall ball.  Baylor has had a great season and has loved playing baseball once again.  His team has really improved throughout the season and has been very successful.  He has a great coach and has loved having Tom be an assistant coach again this year.  The Red Sox have been fun to watch all season long.  For game 1 the Red Sox played the Pirates.  The Red Sox were on fire and won by lots.  The boys were so excited and ready to take on the Reds.  It was a nice warm fall day so I was able to go watch and even took Sawyer to his first game.  He stayed in his stroller the whole time and we were able to go home in between games so he could eat and stretch out.  Baylor was happy to have us all there.  We were excited to watch him.  He had some great hits and was great at pitcher again today.

Pumpkin Patch

 Our little pumpkin on his first visit to the pumpkin patch. After church we all went to the pumpkin patch.  It was a nice sunny day, perfect pumpkin picking weather.  
The boys loved the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  We had the whole wagon to ourselves.  It was a fun ride.  
So happy to have four pumpkins this year.  Cooper found his pumpkin right away.  Parker wanted a tall one and he was able to find just the right one.  Baylor took his time looking through the patch to find one.  Sawyer and I found a nice round one for him.
We loaded our pumpkins up and headed back.
Anderson serves lunch on the weekends and it was all delicious.  We had pulled pork, corn dogs, chips, fried biscuits, and apple butter, caramel apples, cobbler, and elephant ears.  Yummy!
After lunch the boys played on the playground and had the best time.  It was nice we got there early right after first service because it was not crowded at all.  By the time we were leaving the parking lot was full.  Yeah for a fun family day in the fall.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pizza Making at Mama Nita's

Baylor's fall baseball team was sponsored by Mama Nita's.  The owner's son, Jesse, is on the team.  Having Mama Nita's as your sponsor means you get pizza after every single game!
On Saturday after practice and before the big game Mama Nita's invited the entire team to a pizza making party.
The kids were all so excited.  They got to make mini pizzas and put on all of the toppings.
Cooper was sad he couldn't make his own but he did eat there which helped a little.
Baylor's pizza.
Pizza makers in training.
The boys all had a great time and were well behaved.
What a fun experience and great way to get ready for the big game.  Go Red Sox!