Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last Week of Regular Season

Today was the last week of regular season games for fall baseball.
Both boys have loved playing and have had so much fun.
It's been good for them to have something fun to do and wear off energy.

The weather has been so nice too and the games have been enjoyable.
It's been fun to watch this little guy!
He's had a great time.
He's already asking when he can play again and what team I think he will be on next time.  I'm looking forward to spring baseball already.  I'm sure there will be a time when it gets old but right now I love to watch them play and have fun.
He's a fast little runner.
Go Cooper.
Baylor has loved catching again this season.
He's really pretty good at the position and enjoys it.  He says it's his very favorite position to play.
Nice and protected.
Park and I got to go watch while Mimi sat in the car with Sawyer again.  We love her!
It was chilly out today so he was bundled and of course we stopped at the concession stand.
He likes his team.
He's had some great hits this season.

It's been fun to watch him.
He's really hard on himself and wants to do his best.

Go Buddy!
Baylor's head coach is really good with the kids and they have had fun and gotten much better.  Tom has been an assistant again and Baylor loves having his Daddy help.
I see lots of baseball in his future too.
Pop was our sports photographer again, he gets lots of pictures.
In motion.

I'd say this season was a huge success and we will all be ready for spring baseball.
I know our little slugger can't wait!
The trophy was the icing on the season!
So excited!
Coop and his coach.

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